Use Google Search to give your visitors more insight

Even though you are writing on a particular topic for a long time it may happen that you may not have covered all the topics in your niche.What happens when a reader who visits your site doesn't find all the information on a particular topic on your website? They might leave your site , perform Google search and visit other site which may provide them with the information that they are looking for. Now imagine if you have a Google search box on your site, these readers would use it and you can make money if they click and visit sponsored listings in the Google search results.

While most of the webmasters use Google search box above the fold, I recommend placing the search box at the bottom of the page. The reason being that your ads above the fold wont be ignored and this will increase the time your readers spend on your site.You can add a simple message like 'cant find what you were searching for? Use Google search.' for your search box.

A Google search box is similar to Google search except the fact that along with search results, some sponsored results are displayed which are nothing but the targeted ads for the keyword specified in search term. Thus you can be assured that the ads displayed are highly relevant and will give you more CTR than conventional text ads. The search box is extensively used by sites having original and rich content. The Google search box is being used extensively by popular forums to help them earn from relevant ads for the search term.

Putting a Google search box on your site has its share of advantages and disadvantages. The biggest advantage being that the ads displayed will always be relevant and thus will help you get more CTR. User searches for the keyword and hence there are very high chances of him clicking on the ads. On the other hand it becomes very obvious that you have no control over the ads being displayed and you cannot control the keywords being searched. You have to accept what you get. This means that even though you may have a very high CTR but low revenue because the keywords being searched would be very low paying ones.Also there is no guarantee that every time user will click on sponsored listings instead of the regular listings.

Any reader will never stay on your site for eternity and why not try and make some money by giving them an option to find information that they are looking for. Even if adsense for search doesn't bring you appreciable amount of money , you add extra functionality to your site and earn extra amount by using it on your site.

Encourage your readers to set your site as their homepage and search using the Google search box that you have provided on your site. If you do that you provide your users the site with same functionality as Google with better search options are sponsored listings are not displayed in regular search results by Google.

Finally, you need to customize your search box just like you customize text and image ads on your site. You need to make the search box look like a part of the site,only thing being that keep the colour of the search button grey. It will remind people of Google and they are more likely to use your search box than go to and search.

Make Money Online

All of us dream to set up online business which would enable us to get financial freedom and let us spend quality time with our family which we are missing for a long time due to our busy work schedule and work pressure. If you have not thought about setting up an online business than better think about it before its too late. It will provide you with everything you ever wished for independence, freedom, stability and on top of it all wealth that you deserve. Don't take it lightly, you will really get all these things from your online business.

But as easy as it may sound not all of us achieve success in this field which is why I am here. I will guide you at every step so that you are not mislead and focus on your goal of setting up a successful online business. It is very easy to spend several months marketing your online business only to see it going nowhere, at that point you wish you had somebody who would have guided you correctly so that you would not have ended up wasting your precious time and effort marketing your site. The difference between the people who struggle to set up successful online business and one who hit the bulls eye right away is the right knowledge and understanding of the market and needs of the customers. you need the right formula to succeed online rather than hoping for a miracle which will never happen.

Setting up an online business can be a very exciting prospect, it provides an opportunity for you to supplement your existing source of income and gradually become the main source of income for you and your family. Many individuals have achieved tremendous success in this field and are making millions per year. It is very interesting to know that most of them had started from zero and had no knowledge about the Internet when they started their online business. There is no guarantee of success in this field, but you will not lose anything for at least giving it a try. It requires sincere efforts and a burning desire to succeed in this field of online business, simply take it that there are no shortcuts for success in this field. One thing is for certain if you follow the steps correctly and are willing to put in your best effort you have good chances of being successful.

There are three main services that you can use to set up your online business:

1. Become an ebay affiliate and sell products through online auctions.

2. Set up a virtual (online) store using Yahoo Merchant solutions.

3. Sell your product using Google, and other search engine traffic and other marketing mechanisms.

In my subsequent posts I will be discussing about how to make money online using online auctions.